What are Large Format Printers Used For?

Large format printers are an excellent choice for businesses and organizations that need to produce large-scale graphics, including banners, posters, charts, graphs, aerial photographs, and interior and exterior posters. These printing machines are capable of producing high-quality CMYK prints on a variety of materials that are resistant to the elements and have high-quality inks for durability. Moreover, they can print up to 15 posters an hour, which is much faster than a normal desktop printer.

Vinyl wall decals are also easily printed with large format printers. This method is much simpler than screen-printing because you can simply send a color file to the printer and have it printed within a few minutes. Digital printers are becoming faster and can even print more than 200 four-by-eight-foot sheets per hour.

Murals can also be printed with large format printers. This technology provides the flexibility to use various inks and substrates with no limit to the creativity of the designer. Some companies offer an array of wall murals to choose from. Usually, murals can be at least 24 inches wide and custom murals up to 192 inches wide can be printed.

Posters can also be printed with large format printers in a variety of sizes and formats. It is important to include the margins when designing your poster as large format printers can handle the width of a sheet of paper up to forty inches wide. You can also opt to receive free proofs of your files before they are printed. In addition, window decals and mounted posters can be printed with large format printers.

Large format inkjet printers are used not only for applications such as graphic arts, photographs, posters and CAD, but also for indoor and outdoor advertising, such as printing signs and screen advertisements, and industrial printing, such as printing wallpaper and decorative floors. The popularity of large format printers has skyrocketed over the past 20 years.

Some popular uses of large format printing include banners, vinyl wall decals, murals, posters, window decals, mounted posters, repeating vinyl banners for photos, signs for businesses participating in community events or hosting small festivals, graphics that stick to the road in front of each supplier for more visibility, huge posters to announce upcoming shows at small concert halls, and glossy paper posters for advertising products or services.

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