What Can Large Format Printers Print On?

Wide format printers are computer-controlled printing machines that can print on materials of up to 100 inches wide. Printers with capacities of more than 100 inches are called grand format or super-wide format printers. There are a number of different uses for wide format printers. In this article, we'll discuss some of the different kinds of materials these machines can print on.

Wide Format Printers

Perfect for the office or at home, look out for printing speed, wireless connectivity, and type of ink as some of the key features to consider when you purchase. Large format printers are perfect for architects, engineers, and graphic designers.

Wide format printers are computer controlled machines that print on a large roll of material. These printers typically support print roll widths of 18 to 100 inches. Printers with capacities of more than 100 inches are referred to as grand or super-wide format printers. This type of printing machine is perfect for companies that need to produce large-scale graphics and documents quickly and efficiently.

These printers are incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used to print banners and posters, and are extremely useful in advertising and marketing. They can also be used for printing large-format graphics for road signs, promotional displays, and sports equipment.

UV Printers

Large format UV printers are able to print on a wide variety of materials. The home decoration industry can use them to print on ceramic tiles, individual furniture, backwall grounds, cabinets, and ceilings. The advertising industry can use them to print on PVC cards and billboards, while the glass industry can use them to print on glass partitions and frosted glass. Even construction sites can benefit from this technology.

Large format UV printers are excellent for producing high-resolution graphics and stock images. They can also be used for flexible marketing strategies. Large format UV printers have a flatbed design that allows them to print on thick or thin substrates. They have dual UV LED lamps that produce high-quality printing. They are also capable of printing on rigid materials such as guitar cases, water bottles, and more.

Latex Printers

Latex printers for large format printers are a relatively new technology, but they have already revolutionized print technology. These new printers can produce large, vivid graphics that are both durable and environmentally friendly. To learn more about the advantages of using latex in large format printing, read this guide.

Latex printers are hybrid printers that are capable of printing on rigid and flexible media. They can produce wide, high-quality prints up to 5m wide and with superb colour reproduction. Latex printers are often the preferred choice for businesses with high volumes and short deadlines. Latex printing also ensures superior quality control.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Self-adhesive vinyl is a versatile large format printing material. It is waterproof and can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. It can be applied directly to a wall surface or mounted to a rigid substrate. This material is perfect for large-scale signs and impressive window decals. It comes with a backing layer that is either clear, black, or grey.

Self-adhesive vinyl is made up of vinyl film that is coated with an adhesive. There are many types available, from permanent adhesive for long-term displays to high-tack adhesive for difficult substrates. This type of material allows for the print to stretch around objects to form a design. Most self-adhesive vinyl is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and can be laminated or removed easily.

Semi-Rigid Substrates

Large format printers can print on a variety of materials, including rigid and semi-rigid substrates. They can be used for signage, banners, and posters. Inkjet printing on these materials has several advantages. For example, it can be more environmentally friendly than using solvent inks.

A semi-rigid substrate, such as foamcore, is lightweight and easily handled. It is also rigid enough to be mounted to a wall, making it a great choice for indoor signage. Foamcore can be used for both indoor and outdoor signage, and different thicknesses are available to meet different installation preferences.


With the vast range of print sizes available, large format printers can be used to print anything from posters to banners. These printers have an incredible range of uses and are especially beneficial to small businesses. Posters can be used to promote special events and attract attention inside stores, and they can also be used for point of purchase displays. They are also a cost-effective way to advertise special deals and rates.

There's direct support for a huge range of fine art media from the world's best paper companies like Canson and Hahnemühle and Epson.


Large format printers can also print on other materials such as fabrics, wood, tile, metal, and glass. When used correctly they can make it look as if the stock images has been etched into the material. These printers can also be used for commemorative purposes such as award ceremonies; for example a company could create etched glass plaques for employees to honor their accomplishments instead of traditional printed certificates. Many kinds of paper type can be use for this purpose such as glossy paper or glossy photo paper.

Large format printers - sometimes referred to as “wide-format” - can print on paper up to 100 inches wide; the paper itself is dispensed from a roll similar to printing a newspaper giving you much larger medium size prints than before! Wide-format printers do more than create outdoor signs or building drawings/plans; there is now a wide range of uses available while still being important use cases for these devices - they do not represent the current state of wide-format technology.

In fact most modern wide-format printing devices now have the capability to print on a wide variety of specialized media; gone are the days when large format printers were exclusively in the domain of graphic professionals or architects! If your business requires large format printing there are now several inkjet printer options available that will provide you with beautiful full color prints - from flatbed printer with built in scanner all in one printer latex printer hybrid printer office...

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