What is Large Format Digital Printing and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Large format digital printing is the most cost-effective way to print large-scale graphics. It is also less intrusive, reusable, and built-to-last. This type of printing is ideal for a range of applications, including retail signage, point of purchase displays, and promotional displays. Small businesses may also benefit from this type of printing.

Less Intrusive

Large format digital printing offers a large display area, making it an ideal choice for displaying your product or message. Its size makes it more noticeable and can help you draw more attention to your business or event. Additionally, it is less intrusive than conventional printing since the materials can be easily removed and reused.

This type of printing is also more efficient with materials, helping you save money in the long run. Reusable large format digital printing can produce a variety of benefits for companies in various industries. This type of printing uses a special wide-format printer to print on a wide variety of surfaces, such as polyester film, self-adhesive vinyl, and specialized wall paper.


For example, enlarged maps can be laminated onto acrylic panels and mounted to the walls. Wallpapers with large-format graphics can be easily cleaned and reused. Large format printing is a popular choice for businesses looking to increase brand awareness and entice customers to visit their store.

The benefits of large format printing are plentiful: they can create floor displays, posters, banners, and more. Because these products can be printed on virtually any material, large format printing companies can create customized displays that will attract customers to their stores.

These large prints can also make an impression at trade shows and events. Signage, posters, and wall graphics can be blown up to large sizes to be truly impressive for custom printings or double sided printing. Moreover, large digital prints image quality are also ideal for internal communications. They can be used to announce new corporate directions, welcome new administrative personnel, or congratulate team members for noteworthy accomplishments.

Built to Last

Large format digital printing is an ideal choice for any marketing campaign. Large-format prints are high-quality and durable, designed to catch the attention of customers from miles away. While many business owners assume that large-format print products are too expensive, they are actually much more affordable than you might think.

Moreover, large-format printers produce high-resolution images, giving marketers the ability to customize their products precisely. This is something that standard commercial flatbed printers and inkjet printers just can't do. Large format printing is commonly used for outdoor purposes, such as billboards, banners, transit graphics, and more.

For these applications, large-format prints must be durable and able to stand up to all types of weather. In addition to being durable, large-format prints can be welded, concealed, or glued for long-lasting durability with rigid materials or flexible materials.

Cost Effective

When printed on large-format paper, large format printing delivers sharp, detailed images. Although most large-format prints are meant to be viewed at close range, they can also be designed to stand alone or fold. Combined with other types of advertising, large-format prints are perfect for creating a massive impact with a convincing print quality like hybrid printers but most common on true flatbed printer.

Large format digital printing has long been considered an expensive marketing strategy but technology has now made it affordable to small businesses as well. This type of printing is effective for creating an enormous impact on your target market and converting prospects into customers.

The main advantage of large format advertising is that it is cost effective and durable. PVC banners are an affordable way to increase brand visibility and they are also durable enough to be used outside. The cost of large format printing is lower than that of traditional printing methods and the quality is far superior.

You can use it for trade show displays, billboards, and other types of large-format displays. This type of printing can also be used for corporate communications and advertising. For these reasons, large format printing has become increasingly popular in businesses.

The price of large format printing depends on many factors. First consider the size of the project; a larger project will require more materials and take more time to complete than a smaller one. The level of detail required is another important factor; more complex graphics will require more time to print than simpler ones. The turnaround time will also affect the cost.

Types of Large Format Printing

Large format prints can be made on two different kinds of devices: roll commercial printers which are for flexible substrates such as vinyl; and flatbed printers which are for rigid substrates that can lay flat on a table (anything from paper foam board cardboard PVC to less conventional printed materials like wood and metal).

Large format digital printing (sometimes called wide format digital printing) is a category of digital printing that encompasses any print between 18″ and 120″ in custom size; if a print is larger than 120″ it can also be called “large format”.

The term refers to printed materials that are too large for most standard commercial printing houses; also known as “large format printing,” this type of printing uses special production equipment that can handle larger than normal print dimensions.

Roll-fed flatbed wide-format digital printing refers to a digital printer which is roll-fed or has a table where the substrate is loaded; the roll is fed through the uptake roller that makes it a high quality product; the printer or the table moves under an array of print heads.

With such a wide range of large format printing products you may find it difficult to identify the right solution for you; the history of large format digital printing is very short compared to that of the printing industry in general because this type of printing only emerged at the end of the last century.

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